Playlisted: This Week In Black Podcasts

June 25, 2018


Black Women Talk Politics: Tobi Lutke (Episode 81)

  • Description:  Sheila, Caryle Victor and Kelle Maston discuss topics including the proposed merger of the Department of Education with the Labor Department, the House passing a symbolic Food Stamp cut, the Supreme Court’s ruling on warrants for cell phone search and Trump’s Space Force
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JUNE 26, 2018

Fortt Knox Podcast: Shopify Founder and CEO Tobi Lutke (Episode 81)

TalkItOut Podcast: Why Men Don’t Like Independent Women

JUNE 28, 2018

The Read Podcast: Dashing From Dame

Larry Wilmore Black on Air Podcast: Mike Pesca (Episode 43)

Still Processing: Asian Americans Talk About Racism, and We Listen Part 1

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JUNE 29, 2018

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford: Therapy For Black Girls

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Black Girl Nerds Podcast: Jurassic World (Episode 145)

BGN #145 I Behind The Jurassic World Junket